The Sum of all Parts

I always remember the film ‘as good as it gets’ and the lead lady turns to Jack Nicolson and tell him life is not the sum of all parts. It is a great line and I often think of it when in certain situations, indeed when in business dealings.

The need for ROI and added value is often paramount but some times, on occasions, the results are unknown and as such the quantifiables are un predictable and hence I consider the statement.

Sometimes its not worth it and some times it is. What you will always know, is that you had a go and sometimes the learning is the reward.

First Impressions

The old, popular and often true statement that you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression is often used when describing a poor experience of meeting someone for the first time.

In the world of work many interviews and meetings are hinged on that first impression. The hand shake, the eye contact, the suit and even the car driven to the appointment, all significant to the first impression. (Before you say a car has nothing to do with it, if someone turns up in a golf buggy, they are either a lost golf professional or Welsh Rugby player.)

As we leave the unpleasantness of 2009 and head into, the even less chartered territory of 2010, we must give the First Impression even more care.  The first impression is incredible important and we must make the most of that first opportunity, whether to impress, set the scene or take control, however always remember its a two way affair and more important is to listen to what the other party has to say and offer.

 In context of interviews, as this is our main source of business, it’s been tough for many, candidates and business. Candidates are faced with over subscribed jobs and business have budgets to maintain and mistakes can be costly.

 Be patient and be thorough.


Becourse is a directory of Dental Specific Courses designed for Dental Care Professionals.

Successful practices and business recognise that investing in training is vital for future Development and further success. The obligation to undertake CPD by Dental Care Professionals further emphasises the need for practices and business owners to understand the necessity of training and on going learning.

Becourse is aimed at providing an easy to use resource, where courses can be researched and organised, enabling Dental Care Professionals a manageable and effective way of choosing appropriate training and learning for their requirements and on going personal development.

Becourse has a vast range of high quality training courses covering an array of Dentistry topics, delivered in varied formats. As well as the clinical courses, there are courses in business support roles, such as management and leadership training, human resources training, communication, computer skills and customer service.

Becourse listings include course title, trainers and/or training company, location and date the courses run. Where possible there will be information on the delivery format, such as, onsite or public workshop, web based or online and a link to that training company’s website. Should you require an further information we welcome questions so that we can update listings accordingly and forward on useful feedback to the course providers.

Becourse has been designed for Dental Care Professionals and Dental Business and as such we hope you find it a useful resource, enabling more effective training for your future Development and Success.