Every now and then I get amazed by the talent people have and how far away from their skills I am. I am more amazed when I consider these talents are set against what I would suggest are simple tasks.

The first example is Jeremy Clarkson’s Sunday Times articles  http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/columnists/jeremy_clarkson/ 

I don’t know how long I have been reading his Times material but week in week out, I have come to acknowledge, that agree or disagree with him, his ability to randomly talk about a rather absurd subject and then link it with a car he is reviewing paragraphs later, is a talent. Its an article about a car, not hard to write, but consistently he makes it different.

The second has been a more recent development and its the reading of a blogg. There are several bloggs I like to read and keep up to date with but this week I signed up to http://wwwsethgodin.typepad.com/  and have duly been impressed. Seth’s ability to write daily material that always seems current and relevant is fantastic. I struggle to write a blogg weekly, his daily.   

I have met neither of these guys so I aren’t commenting on their personalities not am I wanting to impose their beliefs onto readers. Credit where credit is due, writing articles consistently is a talent, a simple activity done well, these two do it well.

Time to look at the simple things and identify them as a talent.

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  • Public vs Private

    When I worked in the public sector the consistent issue was that the wrong information was far worse than no information. Whether it was publication for the press or a spread sheet documenting archived ISO documents, we had to omit data, rather than get it wrong.

    Recently I was chatting to my sister and mother who were discussing the pressures of their work. Both have successful careers within the NHS. I listened to them talk. Both are incredible women and demonstrate great ability, there subject for discussion was emails. My sister had 3000 in her inbox and my Mum commented that she had recently spent half a days deleting unnecessary messages but still had more than she could remember.

    3000 emails.

    The private sector is different. Here the motto is … have a go, what’s the worse that could happen?

    You see in the private sector, we see more need in what’s happening tomorrow, than what happened yesterday. Maintaining documents for reference is soon out stripped by the demands of customers, which are ever changing.

    Employing staff in brief

    When recruiting there are many guidance notes and procedures you are advised to follow. Recruitment is so essential for the development of your business as the staff in your business are literally the building blocks on which your business rest and ultimately on which you preside upon.
    Take your time when looking for candidates don’t feel that you need to take the first person that fits the profile and at the same time bear in mind that the next person that walks through your door might be ideal. Customers have often become great employees, as they understand the product. At the same time profiling for roles is often based on what you have had succeed in the past that may or may not be the right formula for the current environment.
    Be aware of local markets and how they are treating their staff. Transferable skills come from the most unlikely of places.

    Tweet Up

    Having a tweet up or in simple terms, a meet up with anyone who is working close to or within the dental industry. Very interested to hear from any body that is in the Yorkshire or surrounding counties and can make the meeting on Thursday the 8th. No agenda just a meet up to plan more regular get together.

    Call Rob on 01274 722122 if your interested.

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    5. Brad Burton and the tale of the entrepreneurial dentist- Real Business – The Champion of UK Enterprise: http://bit.ly/bAKnVr 2:38 AM Apr 3rd via web
    6. Oh dear, rugby club players evening and now a meeting to discuss a new side to crowns. Head hurting. 1:31 AM Apr 2nd via UberTwitter
    7. @ProfBrianCox the minus saw you today and she said your cool, but as she was a teacher she thought it inappropriate to get an autograph. 8:50 AM Apr 1st via web
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    10. @dentinaltubules and it took a look at business that were doing really well after they had stopped looking at bottom line. 1:04 PM Mar 31st via TweetDeck in reply to dentinaltubules
    11. @dentinaltubules Hiya, really interesting it was all about the focus on a good business, social, moral high ground. Not all profit. 1:03 PM Mar 31st via TweetDeck in reply to dentinaltubules
    12. RT @stephenodonnell: OMG – Free WiFi and Broadband from Google – http://bit.ly/iX1Hn – seems a bit too good to be true. 12:59 PM Mar 31st via TweetDeck
    13. The tweet up next thurs 8/4 will be off the A1 link road so sound 40mins from York and 60mins from Manchester. 7:36 AM Mar 31st via UberTwitter
    14. Leaving work early for mid week cup game. Love the mud week game flood lights and all. Rugby a great sport. 7:27 AM Mar 31st via UberTwitter
    15. Tweet up west Yorkshire next thurs. Any1 interest? 7:19 AM Mar 31st via UberTwitter
    16. Interesting…. I mean exciting, amazing, bloody great.. Next fews years… 2:05 PM Mar 30th via web
    17. I really do believe the next 5 years are going to be the most interesting ever seen. Newsnight on the money. Brillient. 2:05 PM Mar 30th via web
    18. Newsnight is really interesting. Great for small businesses. 1:59 PM Mar 30th via TweetDeck
    19. Crowns now offers fully insured HR services. We find ’em, place ’em and now, can help you look after ’em. ‘Staffing Covered’. 12:24 PM Mar 30th via TweetDeck
    20. My word it raining a lot at the moment. 9:57 AM Mar 30th via TweetDeck
    21. Meeting Sarah Jane from total HR today to move us forward with supporting dentist. www.totalhr.co.uk very exciting. 11:00 PM Mar 29th via UberTwitter
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