Public vs Private

When I worked in the public sector the consistent issue was that the wrong information was far worse than no information. Whether it was publication for the press or a spread sheet documenting archived ISO documents, we had to omit data, rather than get it wrong.

Recently I was chatting to my sister and mother who were discussing the pressures of their work. Both have successful careers within the NHS. I listened to them talk. Both are incredible women and demonstrate great ability, there subject for discussion was emails. My sister had 3000 in her inbox and my Mum commented that she had recently spent half a days deleting unnecessary messages but still had more than she could remember.

3000 emails.

The private sector is different. Here the motto is … have a go, what’s the worse that could happen?

You see in the private sector, we see more need in what’s happening tomorrow, than what happened yesterday. Maintaining documents for reference is soon out stripped by the demands of customers, which are ever changing.