Every now and then I get amazed by the talent people have and how far away from their skills I am. I am more amazed when I consider these talents are set against what I would suggest are simple tasks.

The first example is Jeremy Clarkson’s Sunday Times articles  http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/columnists/jeremy_clarkson/ 

I don’t know how long I have been reading his Times material but week in week out, I have come to acknowledge, that agree or disagree with him, his ability to randomly talk about a rather absurd subject and then link it with a car he is reviewing paragraphs later, is a talent. Its an article about a car, not hard to write, but consistently he makes it different.

The second has been a more recent development and its the reading of a blogg. There are several bloggs I like to read and keep up to date with but this week I signed up to http://wwwsethgodin.typepad.com/  and have duly been impressed. Seth’s ability to write daily material that always seems current and relevant is fantastic. I struggle to write a blogg weekly, his daily.   

I have met neither of these guys so I aren’t commenting on their personalities not am I wanting to impose their beliefs onto readers. Credit where credit is due, writing articles consistently is a talent, a simple activity done well, these two do it well.

Time to look at the simple things and identify them as a talent.

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