While watching the leaders debate the other night, I was amazed at the lack of charisma any of the leaders had. Non of these potential leaders commanded the stage, their competition, the program and come to mention it their prospective parties.

We have no Tony, no Obama, Not even a Sarkozy.

But that’s not their problem, is it, that’s ours. They are standing and we are not, they have been involved in politics for a considerable period of their working lives and have become the leaders of their parties at this time. The fact that they are boring or are not charismatic is not their problem. What is their problem is of course winning elections. Obviously if there was a out and out winner on the charisma stakes then I m sure they would be the leading the party, such is the influence of personality politics. As I say they aren’t and as such we are in the most equal election contest for some time.

All the same it does come down to votes and more important than ever it is important that people vote. Now this blog gets a fair few hits and I am fairly confident that the  majority of those who follow this blog will vote. I feel however we should all make sure that we do our bit to encourage those people who we know are unlikely to vote to vote. Never before has the vote been so important.

The vote is not a God given right, it has been acquired via many a war, a battle and indeed many a politicians being less that charismatic.