Social Media and Dentistry

My opinion on social marketing is that it is the ‘here and now’ for marketing, very important to business, its affordability, ease of use and effectiveness is fantastic and everyone is talking about it, ‘get involved see the results.’ Its really good for SME’s and Dentists.

But there will be something new to take its place and far more quickly in comparison to other styles of marketing.

For me, the internet is the change. Just like TV, radio and a big sign in front of your shop, before them.

Social marketing is just one of the internets styles or trends for marketing.

Similar to what the big phone, big suit and big car was in the 80’s, which acted as a vehicle to promote many products and messages. Social marketing is about the number of followers, hits to web sites, feedback etc and this is similar to the 80’s message ‘he has a big car, he must know what he is talking about’ lets do what he’s doing.

We can buy PPC, pay more for search friendly web sites and do e-flyers but this isn’t social marketing; this is just the equivalent of putting flashing lights on the sign outside your shop. Social marketing is about numbers of followers and hopefully those followers either buying your product and/or promoting it to those who will.

However be assured these followers can be bought, (give free stuff away – IKEA or invest time in writing good blogs – Seth Godin). Great to promote business but nothing new, its still about getting a return on investment.

Social marketing methods such as Facebook and twitter, will become something new, linkedin, foursquare, and of course ‘Rob’s new idea on taking over the world via a social marketing platform.’ We will forget about platforms as we have forgotten about Friends reunited and the big hair of the lady in the Golf advert.

For me social marketing will become saturated, to much info. The internet will change and it is the Internet that needs to be respected, understood and appreciated. At the moment this is done via social marketing, tomorrow ‘Rob’s new idea on taking over the world via a marketing platform.’