Tips for Interviews

1. Decide if you want the job.

2. Research the company, the role and any key personnel/policies/products.

3. Run through common interview questions, practicing your answers and developing how you want them to be received.

4. Dress smart and comfortable.

5. Arrive at the location 45 mins early but don’t go in till 10 mins before the interview.

6. Firm introductions. Practice your hand shake, be clear with your name and listen to instructions.

7. This is a sales pitch. First rule of sales is listen to what the customer wants, ask a few open ended questions, find out what they want.

8. During the interview be focused on getting the job. If the job has aspects you aren’t comfortable with, do ask for clarification on these areas, but don’t decide that the job isn’t for you, mid interview. That can be done after it’s been offered to you and you have had space to think about the whole picture.

9. Ask questions, you’ll be given the opportunity, perhaps during the interview or at the end, it’s your opportunity to look interested and informed.

10. Good luck.

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