For the love of the job!

Too many people work, pay their taxes, there NI and swiftly take sick days to ensure they get their contributions back. They see the payments of PAYE as their money to get back.

This is their driving force.

Not to do something they enjoy. That was forgotten many years ago.

Death and taxes!!!

Using a Locum agency.

Ok, we are here at crowns to help.

Nurses who don’t turn up dentist that are unable to fulfil contracts and Hygienest that are to be trialled, that’s what Crowns is about. Why we help so many practices and add value in the work we do.

Call crowns for all your staffing requirements.


While networking at the fantastic Gumption Centres in Bradford I was asked the usual questions relating to dentist and the fear associated with making a visit. I was surprised in fact amazed that some of the rather intelligent looking and Im sure forward thinking folk who were there, felt it was more cost effective to visit their dentist when there was a problem, rather than visit regularly and prevent problems.


Quite worry, this is the case, go regularly to your Dentist, if you have a fear of going find one that specialises in dealing with Nervous patients, yeah they do exist.

Decisions Decisions, oh I’m not sure.

I have been let down recently by a couple of decisions.

Made by other, these decisions have been extremely costly.

The thing that makes it worse is that they were all made as, secondary decisions, ‘on second thoughts….. ‘ that type of thing. Yesterday it was a yes and today, I’m afraid its a no.

One client said they always new it was the wrong decision and only once it was made did they ‘really’ know it was the wrong decision. Not sure about the logic here and yes it makes the blood boil.

I am obviously disappointed, however there is a lesson. Nothing is agreed unless it is signed, sealed and money in the bank.

Also, nothing is agreed till the customer is happy.

In both cases, Ive smiled and accepted the decisions, knowing we will get it right and this means for me and for them.

That 10%

Everyone tries at what they do. Its impossible not to, I would suggest only those who are totally disinterested dont and lets be fair they don’t stick around for long.

So if everyone tries and generally gets on with things, it does come down to the amount of effort put into what we are doing.

Operating at 100%, 100% of the time is very difficult, impossible perhaps.

I would suggest, definitely impossible, if it requires a human interaction.

This is why focusing on the last 10% is so important.

How many decisions made by you, your customers and suppliers, are without competition or choice. Not many. There are always ‘Pros and Cons’ or ‘head and heart’ perhaps some are 50 : 50.

It wont be that difficult to stay 10% longer, focus 10% harder or implement 10% more precisely, however that will make the difference and if decisions are 50 : 50 that might just give you an edge!

Hollywood Smiles

I was considering the names of some dental practices in the surrounding area. I am surprised at how many are called:

– The Smile Studio
– White Teeth Clinic
– Smile Clinic

A lot of thought should be paid to the name of the practice, fact is the name says so much about the practice, its people and the work done there.

So when picking a name practices should consider what the practice is about. If its only about bright white smiles then perhaps ‘Hollywood Smiles’ and these other names work. I aren’t saying they don’t. However its all a little obvious and undermining to what the Dental Practice does.

Dental practices, educate patients, advise, support and implement. They transform the lives of those who visit, this is not with just a new bright smile. Dental Practices are part of the community, dare I say it they are part of the social fabric of a community.

Get the name right is hard work, often one will simply pop into your head, blindsiding you, its simple it’s the right name.

But if you are going to think about it, don’t do yourself or your practice an injustice.

Practice are so much more than just bright smiles.

Changing Careers

Is it really the time to be changing careers?

Speaking to a friend who has just change jobs, same industry, same role… more money.

We were laughing about the fact that for the past 8 years he has been doing the same old thing. Salary has doubled and work load has gotten easier, although he would never admit this to his bosses, ultimately the same thing.

I was saying he should really of changed direction altogether, done something exciting, something he always wanted to do. Lap dancing, I said, he dismissed this out of hand and pointed out he didn’t have the moves.

He had always wanted to be a pilot and had looked into doing it.

£100,000 to be a pilot.

Hmmm, something different then.

No, he’s going to stick with what he doing.