The Sum of all Parts

I always remember the film ‘as good as it gets’ and the lead lady turns to Jack Nicolson and tell him life is not the sum of all parts. It is a great line and I often think of it when in certain situations, indeed when in business dealings.

The need for ROI and added value is often paramount but some times, on occasions, the results are unknown and as such the quantifiables are un predictable and hence I consider the statement.

Sometimes its not worth it and some times it is. What you will always know, is that you had a go and sometimes the learning is the reward.

First Impressions

The old, popular and often true statement that you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression is often used when describing a poor experience of meeting someone for the first time.

In the world of work many interviews and meetings are hinged on that first impression. The hand shake, the eye contact, the suit and even the car driven to the appointment, all significant to the first impression. (Before you say a car has nothing to do with it, if someone turns up in a golf buggy, they are either a lost golf professional or Welsh Rugby player.)

As we leave the unpleasantness of 2009 and head into, the even less chartered territory of 2010, we must give the First Impression even more care.  The first impression is incredible important and we must make the most of that first opportunity, whether to impress, set the scene or take control, however always remember its a two way affair and more important is to listen to what the other party has to say and offer.

 In context of interviews, as this is our main source of business, it’s been tough for many, candidates and business. Candidates are faced with over subscribed jobs and business have budgets to maintain and mistakes can be costly.

 Be patient and be thorough.

The Dentist and Safe Guarding Children

Many Dental Practitioners, working at the sharp end of patient care, do excuse the pun, hold concern and even fear of discovering a concern related to safeguarding children.  The following is useful website,

containing  a wealth of information to assist Dental Practices in keeping abreast of what to do in such an event. At the same time the site provides a resource that will enable clinicians to take a proactive approach to the subject and further more provides evidence for the CPD portfolio.

 If you are a member of the dental team, this educational resource will give you an introduction to safeguarding children in Dental Practice. Even child protection trainers who work with dental teams, will find some information of interest.

You can use this site as… When? How?
A training resource If you need to update your knowledge of child protection By working systematically through each of the four main sections, starting at the introduction (see the green tabs at the top of the page)
A fast-response tool If you have concerns NOW about a child By going straight to the summary flow chart and using links to navigate from there
A clinical governance resource If you need to prepare your dental practice to safeguard children By starting with the section on safeguarding children in dental practice

Many people worry that by making a referral to social services, they will initiate a process that will quickly get out of hand, and end up with severe and drastic action being taken to remove the child and punish the family. This is a misperception that does not reflect current practice in the UK where:

  • less than 50% of children investigated for possible abuse end up being placed on child protection registers
  • it is estimated that fewer than 1% of children referred to social services for possible abuse end up in judicial proceedings

The site has a range of useful tools and links to help you understand and manage such an event.

Well worth taking a look, a five star site!!!  * * * * *

Let us know what do you think??

Too Good Too Bad

Well the footy season is here and even after all the ‘shabang’ and marketing that Sky TV and the likes have spent on telling us it was coming, when it arrived, it never really felt like it had been away.

That’s because football is all about business now. Its trying to be, some say it is being, a 365 days a year sport/business. Who can blame those in charge for doing this, after all there is a lot of money involved and the best way to keep that money coming in is to have consistent football.

Although does this diminish the sport. Watering down the fabric of football. hmmm

Yesterday, glued to the internet updates, radio 5 live and teletext, I found my self drawn into the world of cricket. I am a sports fan, I know my cricket but not to this level. It became apparent, because the Ashes is an infrequent event, it meant more.

This leads me into the athletics. This has been on everyone’s discussion list. Everyone has been talking about it and quite rightly so. Jessica Ennis, Usain Bolt, Phillips Idowu to name but a few and who we will be remember for quite a while, perhaps not as long as Owen, Beckham Rooney et al, but incredible sports stars in their own rights, oh and lets not miss the point we ve been hooked on the events as much as the people involved.

Dental professionals and business owners should consider this. Consistency is the true secret to success, Football, however variety has it rewards.

Next time your doing the same old, same old, perhaps it may be worth trying something a little different and trying something new.

Besides you can always catch up on Match of the Day 2.