People who moan about their job are usually too blind to see that having a job is a privilege.

Those who’ve experienced a pay packet not knowing where the next is coming from, I’m sure will agree.

It’s not to say every job is wonderful but even bad. Jobs are stepping stones to move forward from.

Haven’t been on here for a while.

Not posted for weeks, well months, it’s simply been that busy.

All the same have decided that no one had missed the blog and as such concluded it’s because I have written most posts in a diluted and commercially sympathetic style. Rarely has a post been opinionated or related to controversy.

Apparently that’s what makes a good blog, divide opinion or create confrontation.

I get it, no one wants to read their own thoughts, delivered by someone else. Unless those thoughts are romantic or fictional or otherwise.

So new and original material coming.

Look out …

Up Front Payment Economy

As we move forward through the recent economic gloom, a conversation with the brother on law developed an interesting conclusion.

We discussed paying for goods and how in his business up front payment had become the norm. He’s a mechanic.

I wonder if all the service industries went the same way, whether we would see an improvement in all aspects of business.

Working without fear of non payment, being clear on the costs and able to invest in your business rather than chasing outstanding payments.