Up Front Payment Economy

As we move forward through the recent economic gloom, a conversation with the brother on law developed an interesting conclusion.

We discussed paying for goods and how in his business up front payment had become the norm. He’s a mechanic.

I wonder if all the service industries went the same way, whether we would see an improvement in all aspects of business.

Working without fear of non payment, being clear on the costs and able to invest in your business rather than chasing outstanding payments.

Using a Locum agency.

Ok, we are here at crowns to help.

Nurses who don’t turn up dentist that are unable to fulfil contracts and Hygienest that are to be trialled, that’s what Crowns is about. Why we help so many practices and add value in the work we do.

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Balancing blogs

This is probably only specific to me, but I find it quite difficult to balance the need to read, interesting articles, with the need to write blogs. One needs inspiration but must also create time to action on those rasps of interesting tit bits.

Little things

Its always the little things that capture our attention most when we are met with significant change. Whether for the good or the worse, we will discuss most, how it was something small that caused the change.

The reason for this, being we often didn’t see it coming, we didn’t focus our attention on these little things, because at the end of the day they were ‘little’.

It makes sense, no point focusing on the little things, because its the big things that are going to differentiate you and your business, the way the practice runs, your career, the team moral. The big things are going to be the threat or create the opportunity.

However, whenever there is a major incident or event, the subsequent investigation uncovers a catalogue of small events which culminated in either success or failure.

The chance meeting, the loose bolt, the white lie, the consistency, the double entry.

Dentistry is currently under so much change, there are so many big things happening, new challenges, hurdles and opportunities, its still worth giving those little things a bit of time and energy.

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Business Ideas

Struggling for traction and not really comfortable that your efforts are gaining the rewards you hope. It maybe worth looking at industries that match those you work in and identify the ideas and principles used in these, and see if you could adopt, probably with some change, into your daily routine and activity.

Just another idea.